The Company


Designing, producing and marketing, respecting the environment, products capable of improving the quality of life of the family, from newborn to the elderly, and thereby increasing the value of S.I.L.C., of the people who work here, of all business partners and of the social context in which it operates.


Our company stands out for the completeness of its product range through the production of the entire category of absorbent, sanitary and cosmetics products destined to children, women, the elderly and pets.


We have a cutting-edge research centre which can supply all the necessary data for quality control of products and raw materials. Thanks to the modern equipment available to them, our specialists can carry out on-going research to improve products which have already been approved, examining new materials and periodically doing comparative testing with current products on the market.

High Quality Standards

You can define a factory as being “ultra-modern” only if it is able to guarantee quality control and continuous development of its own products, above and beyond high productivity. For this reason, we dedicate a part of our revenues – about 6% per year – to the implementation of new laboratory instruments and techniques, in order to obtain continuous improvement in our products and processes.

Continuous Evolution

Thanks to these elements, the company’s evolution has led to our integrating ever-more strategic, “market-oriented” and “customer-oriented” approaches. In this way, we have become the sole point of reference for production, sales and distribution for our partner clients. We have reached this point by investing in activities aimed at satisfying expectations, those of our partner clients as well as those of end-users, through our well-established customer satisfaction programme.

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